Indeed that have Miscavige he covers gender in a terrible manner tend to

Indeed that have Miscavige he covers gender in a terrible manner tend to

Some thing I have had expertise in. My favorite technique for making certain my communications has been gotten are giving by the FedEx signature required. Sure, people where you work cues because of it, but it is expected to score attention than simply email address and you can some other variations.

Taunting somebody. And make enjoyable of them etcetera etc. Zero information about Hubbard aside from what exactly is covered for the Barefaced Messiah or any other metropolises.

My personal bet – Miscavige are impotent and can’t obtain it up. He detests youngsters, detests gender, detests anyone – just what performed LRH state on the anybody that way?

Reckon there are two main somebody who had see – Shelly and you may TC. Not surprising Shelly could have been vanished and you may Miscavige has TC’s files.

Newcomer, Sluggish Morgue, and i Yawn: my personal idols, saying just what so many features think, however, did not have the brand new guts.

Some of the indications on DHS’s own internet site are duplicated verbatim and are generally the following (with my comments during the parentheses, according to my personal very restricted “never-in” understanding):

A) Do anyone are available fragmented from family relations, loved ones, community organizations, or properties of praise? (needless to say, and you can DHS also uses the term “disconnected”)

B) Has a kid prevented probably college? (whilst Farm has become shuttered, there are plenty of almost every other “schools” you may want to listed below are some to keep them up to the instructional requirements you would expect out-of all the college students)

But have no experience with actual intimate punishment towards the his behalf

C) Contains the people had an abrupt or remarkable improvement in behavior? (I’d consider it become the situation for some all of the new Ocean Org representative)

D) Is the individual unclear otherwise mislead, or exhibiting signs of mental otherwise actual discipline? (you have got a great amount of societal testimony about your physical and mental abuses of 1 David Miscavige specifically)

E) Is the individual fearful, timid, otherwise submissive? (needless to say, here is what possess very them, Ocean Org user otherwise public Scientologist, “in-line”, as a result of the anxiety about disconnection being submissive by just going along with the church’s wants/instructions to keep their family undamaged)

In my own examination of comparative cults, and if a single frontrunner becomes this much fuel, like LRH and you can Miscaivage, there has long been some sort of sexual immorality/punishment perpetrated by the commander

F) Really does anyone let you know signs and symptoms of being refused food, drinking water, bed, or healthcare? (wade listed below are some folks who are already life style, or even to be more particular, “imprisoned” on the Hole to the Int Base or on RPF)

G) ‘s the individual often with anyone to exactly who they defers? Or a person who is apparently in control of the challenge, age.grams., in which they’re going otherwise just who it keep in touch with? (look at the girlfriend of thus-entitled church’s very own “Ecclesiastical Leader” at the lady last societal physical appearance at the her dad’s funeral inside 2007)

I) ‘s the person residing in not the right requirements? (perhaps you is do the local/state dept. regarding personal wellness with the Opening to complete an enthusiastic examination and have now back to me personally)

J) Does the person lack private assets and appear to not have a stable life disease? (google “Bohemian Rhapsody sounds seats” and you can tell me in the event it appears that all of these individual’s way of life things would-be sensed “stable”)

K) Does anyone features versatility of movement? Is also the individual easily leave their current address? Are there unreasonable security measures? (once again, you need to read the Gap from the Int Base discover approaches to these types of concerns…..that is, if they will even allow you to during the because of the “unrealistic security measures” during the Int Ft)

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